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Eye-catchers from store design to product

A traditional façade, tastefully combined with a new modern and open appearance on the ground floor – this is how Baumann Optik (formerly Rudin Optik) presents itself in 90 m²sales space by the Obertor in Winterthur. The enormous depth of the store is skilfully integrated into the store design.


“We need to be perceived more strongly from the outside,” the builder requested. The elongated and narrow footprint needed to be made clearer and enable customers to stroll along the presented glasses.


The challenge in this project was in fully using the deep store layout and giving the outer façade a new, contemporary look.

Optician Baumann turned its name into a trademark and created its own personal retail design around it.


The shingle wall as a design element combines a traditional and modern look. Sunglasses and corrective glasses alike are presented in this great eye-catcher. Horizontally recessed and continuous light segments optimally illuminate the glasses and perfectly present the products. A long white sideboard almost seems to float. It covers the entire wall and fluently morphs into the cash desk.

One eye-catcher follows the next

A full-height smoked mirror with the city silhouette of Winterthur was placed right next to the entrance area. It makes the narrow and long store appear wider and less cramped. The colour combination of broken white in the furnishing segments, warm ochre on the walls, the slate-grey flooring and the materials wood and glass clearly characterise the regional connection in spite of this optician’s very modern store design.

Consulting takes place in the rear area of the optician’s store. A long, generous consulting table visually fits perfectly into the layout of the store design, forming a calm consulting island for customers there.
Optometrics, contact lenses and refraction are located behind the generous cash desk area. Bright, large rooms with daylight and a landscape picture wallpaper connect to the region with its wellness flair here as well. This skilful store construction design offers plenty of space to explore and adds eye-catchers.

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