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clear - puristic - inviting

Optician’s specialist store Bouffier presents itself in an enticingly clear and inviting store design. In 120 m² space, the optician presents high-quality seeing aids, contact lenses and sunglasses for the entire family.


This store offers great insights even from the outside and piques curiosity. The optician in the Schulstraße in Mainz wanted to be presented in a purist as well as inviting manner. The dominating material was to be wood.


It is well known that time equals money …we are perfectly aware that the time a store remains closed for conversion is very expensive. Therefore, the store couldn’t be closed for more than three weeks in this location, which had to suffice to manage the entire conversion, incl. new flooring and ventilation.

– Open, bright and yet contrasting store design


When entering the optician’s store, the customer first discovers the highly visible and clearly defined cash desk area. The integrated oak panels and solid wooden sails form an unusual and impressive “room-in-room situation”. In direct contrast with this almost heavy and traditional seeming design element, the sunglasses of this optician’s store are presented on a simple wall, placed on delicate satin-finished glass shelves. In a spatial elongation and as a special eye-catcher, wood boards threaded onto steel rods guide the visitor more deeply into the generous optician’s store design.

On the other side, along the large shop window areas, there is a long and continuous consulting table, optimally placed with daylight exposure, with a view of the product wall. The bright grouted floor and mother-of-pearl sheen walls convey a generous impression of the room. This is supported by the warm and cosy oak planks and the long, delicate-looking consulting table, creating a unique room and product experience.

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