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Shopping for her and him – on more than 500 sqm. Plenty of space to present fashion and plenty of “space for design” to create a special shopping ambience. Men’s fashion is provided on two floors. Both the Casual and Business areas were to be presented tastefully and sorted by theme on two levels with a total of 300 sqm. Women were to find “Her fashion realm” on the upper storey with approx. 200 sqm.

The challenge

Plenty of floor space and plenty of room. Planning and design had to be attractive as well as functional. The special challenge in this project was presenting areas divided across three floors as one unit. Each area in itself was to be unique in its design and theme, but merging into a “competence fashion house” for her & him.
Matching the large areas, the exclusive goods were to be presented loosely and in high quality, with a low goods density. The dominant factor was to be the respective theme and design worlds, rather than the goods as such. Each of these worlds in itself was to invite customers to explore and linger.


The fashion house Bratfisch invites customers to explore!

The basement floor of the building holds the Business area for men. The high-quality fashion combinations are presented in a masculine ambience on 95 sqm. The dark oak-wood floor, combined with a grey carpet in the changing area and delicate goods carriers in black-painted steel perfectly show off the goods. Heavy, dark club-style armchairs form a comfortable oasis to linger. The generous, open steel stairs lead to the other levels.


The men’s casual area receives customers on the ground floor. Its colouration emphasises the fashion statement of the entire company. Teal wall elements in combination with high-pile carpets of the same shade on large, light floor tiles place the decisive accents there. The goods are placed casually and in high-quality, loosely hanging or sorted by colour in large shelf walls.


The upper floor holds the “Fashion realm” for women. Light powdery colours and materials give the deliberately feminine sales floor with 200 sqm a pleasantly light and friendly air. Rose and gentle powder shades are dominant on the walls. Round goods presenters fit in well with the round wall segments and fluffy carpets. The materials and forms make the room feel flowing.

The goods are presented perfectly in brightly lit niches or on light-weight metal frames. The structures that are partially suspended from the ceiling bring out the lightness of the room while visually reducing goods density.

Bratfisch has three oases … wellness, consulting and enjoying in Gießen!

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