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The customer wanted to think “big” when redesigning the existing store area. The planned new presentation of the optician’s and hearing acoustics area led to the complete conversion and expansion of the building in the Burgstrasse in Wittlich. The acoustics competence area needed to be moved from the basement to the ground floor in this construction project, and be combined with the area of optics on one level to form a “competence centre for the senses”. Two building phases brought about an attractive and modern overall retail concept. Brillen Müller represents the best service and highest competence in the region. The specialist store offers its customers state-of-the-art examination and diagnosis techniques in the areas of optics and acoustics. Accordingly, the new interior design concept needed a tasteful and functional integration of the examination and work rooms. The specialist dealer’s wish and target was a more modern and fresh presentation – in order to represent topicality, lifestyle and technical competence again.


HEIKAUS cooperated closely with the local architect due to the building project’s high complexity with comprehensive demolition, conversion and expansion work for the building and the work required for the new interior design. Due to the comprehensive building work in the outdoor area, and in order to avoid the interruption of consulting and sale in the two competence areas, the building project was split into two development phases. The HEIKAUS interior design team completed the hearing acoustics area in August 2017. For six months, this store housed both the acoustics and the optician’s areas. It was a true spatial challenge. The second building part was only provided to the HEIKAUS team for the implementation of the new room and design concept in early April 2018. The new competence centre for acoustics & optics was finally handed over to the Müller family and opened with a celebration in April 2018.


A comprehensive project with demands that motivated HEIKAUS to develop many new ideas. The design team was able to decisively influence the new façade design. The new exterior plaster, window colour, positioning and design as well as placement of the outdoor advertisements were ordered. A perfect design merger of interior and exterior design resulted – including architecture, structural engineering and interior design – as is reflected in the overall appearance of the new specialist store.

Inside, the HEIKAUS team used the total available area of 260 m² in order to give each specialist and competence area its very own platform. Wood-design flooring was used to connect both areas and create a tangible unity.
The areas are recognisably divided for customers with a tasteful colour [routing] system. The technical optician’s area is coloured in magenta, the hearing acoustics in teal – taken from the colours of the Müller logo. Teal and magenta recessed LED strips break up the walls of the examination areas in the rear area of the store while also offering optimal orientation for customers. Thus, the left part of the hallway in magenta holds the optician’s examination area (optometrics) while the right part, including a generous counter, belongs to acoustics.
The two areas were deliberately designed very differently in colour as well as in material.
The acoustics area in the rear of the store received a clear and technical design. High-pile carpeting and wall coverings with a teal felt fabric add a warm atmosphere while ensuring optimal room acoustics.

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