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Creating an attractive design concept with the basic elements black, white and natural items was the task for Brillengalerie in Saarlouis.


Presenting sunglasses and corrective lenses, as well as children’s glasses, in a modern and attractive design concept while still creating an ambience of pleasant wellness was a great challenge here.


Continuous flooring in an oak look, combined with a white, radiant ceiling, give the elongated store an impressive width and space. The area is segmented by columns from the existing architecture that were harmoniously integrated into the concept as consulting islands. The inserted black “wall cube” is the main design element, containing the presentation of sunglasses. Round and oval light cut-outs structure this wall element and perfectly present every single pair of sunglasses.

The corrective glasses are brilliantly lit and presented on glass shelves on the opposite wall. This pure type of product presentation conveys a good structure, rest and optimal product orientation. These two presentation walls of the store invigorate the room with their black/white colour contrast.

Large full-height mirrors enable the customer to view the glasses and allow the products to unfold their effect as a whole. Consultation and adjustments take place at the long consulting table in the centre of the area. Short paths and optimal orientation are ensured for customers and staff alike.

Any waiting time can be spent here in the small, comfortable waiting zone or the free inner courtyard. The rear area holds two enclosed refraction units and the i-profiler, the video Infra point and the CL adjustment.

This is an overall harmonious colour and room concept. Black, white and pigeon blue in combination with light oak conveys a pleasant living ambience. The pure and straight-lined setup of the area conveys high value and competence. Small form designs in the ceiling and the floor invite customers to explore.

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