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An entirely new store design was to be created for Eckart & Finkbeiner on 250 square metres. Eckart & Finkbeiner GmbH is a merger between two opticians from Pforzheim. The message: “Welcome friends! Come and enter Eckart & Finkbeiner’s living room!” An innovative design concept for the two opticians’ competences had to be planned, implemented and handed over in turn-key condition for the store in the Westliche-Karl-Friedrich-Straße – one of the best locations.


The entire store with two floors was to be turned into a competence centre for acoustics and vision, with a special comfort factor for the customers. All craft sections needed were planned, coordinated and implemented in a timely manner by the HEIKAUS team. The stairs to the upper floor were relocated to accommodate the special room concept. The area and room design, as well as the furnishing concept, were to consider attractive presentation of the products while providing a calm environment for consulting and discretion during examinations.


On about 250 square metres, HEIKAUS created a store with a special flair. Customers can find a great selection, along with consulting, in a place made for their comfort. The design concept is open and inviting. Guests can choose the comfortable consulting area with its large, whitewashed oak table at the centre of the store. If they prefer, they may instead sit at the generous bar in a material combination of Corian and a warm chocolate brown in the front area of this specialist store. The colours and materials used are kept in shades of brown, beige, green and gold, which are reflected in the wallpapers, carpets and chairs. The furniture repeats this colour scheme, supplemented by white elements for a pleasant harmony of the overall concept. Part of the ceiling panels are painted black for an exciting contrast and warm connection with the yellows and green used. The store design is characterised by rectangular segmentation of the wall design. A transparent yellow room divider is a special eye catcher that comfortably structures the room without inhibiting vision. Stylish, comfortable and with high quality, the wood-patterned design flooring installed in a herringbone pattern supplements the elegant furnishing concept of the Eckart & Finkbeiner specialist store.

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