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Einblick Optik provides insights into its new store design

Optician “Einblick” presents its products along with its new store design in one of the newest and most modern shopping malls in Germany, on a sales floor of approx. 50 square metres.


The former business at the Leipziger Platz and the former Wertheim shopping mall that once stood here inspired the inclusion of old shapes and wall designs and translated them into a modern context. The task was creating an optician with great charisma.


Preserving the old shapes while adding a hint of modernity was a challenge for our store construction team.

The high ceilings and windows are pleasing to the eye in architecture and store design

– Old forms translated into modernity


The large shop windows with a height of nearly five metres create perfect transparency. High-quality display cases on closed white bases ensure stylish and inviting shop window presentation. The appearance of the classically designed shop front is skilfully reflected in the design of the small store. The impressive room height permitted the installation of a sophisticated and effective ceiling segmentation. This provides a very attractive and pleasant room impression with its combination of indirect and direct lighting.

Even more white

The white and modern interior has a light and clear effect. The full-height walnut wall segments in which curved niches are integrated are a special and yet harmonious accents. In an absolute counterpoint to this, the opposite wall offers a modern and clear presentation of sunglasses. These are distinctively presented on the straight-lined white wall elements on satin-finished glass shelves.

Like pieces transferred from times gone by, classical details have been combined in a retail design concept with modern colours, materials and shapes. The store stands out with its exciting and successful combination of style and develops its special and unique charisma.

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