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Hear the grass grow again and read sounds from the retail design

Hearing care professional Gilli is characterised by its diverse products and intense consultation. A sensitive approach to customers is the focus here. We managed to include this in the hearing care professional’s new store design.


The new store for hearing care specialist Gilli was to be built in an space of 76 m². The store design was to visually loosen up the space with light colours, the appearance of wood and green colour accents.


The project needed to become a creative success and yet have a functional appearance. This was the big challenge.


The graphical grass elements and the dun sofa bring an invaluable cosiness to the hearing care specialist.

The ambience spreads an openness that is only surpassed by the offering itself.

– Do you also hear the grass grow?

True to the motto: “Do you hear the grass grow?”, the rear walls have a green reed print. The store design plays with perception by using various colour nuances and makes the graphics appear three-dimensionally. Specifically referring to the sensory act of hearing, the presentation area for the corresponding products is decorated with numerous words such as “voice, sound and tones” as a foil plot. This store design is reflected in the shop window.

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