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When the well knows shines with a new glow

Jewels, jewellery, clocks … jeweller Georg Haussmann, in the inner city of Göppingen presented himself with a new store design for a 52 m² space. On 6 February 2017, the jeweller’s store opened its new site in the Freihofstraße.


Jeweller Haussmann wanted to present gems, jewellery and clocks in a high-quality ambience in which his customers and employees would be comfortable at once. A tasteful combination of present and new store construction elements was used. The store design was intended to convince in a harmonious world of colours made up of gold, matte black and glossy surfaces.


The challenge here was that present elements were to be integrated harmoniously into the new design concept.

Old and new in harmony.

This is what makes the store design of this jeweller so social and exciting.


The store design convinces with pure classical elegance. The colour world of the jeweller’s store furnishings has been reduced almost entirely to black and gold. Special accents in store design were added by using dark wooden sliding door segments, brightly lit glass display cases and the ceiling ring painted in a high gloss varnish. It additionally highlights the impressive pyramid on the ceiling. The matte-gold pigmented pyramid that perfectly harmonises with the golden fabrics used for covering the consulting areas forms a special focus on the store´s construction.

The furniture

The furniture was kept deliberately classical where the language of forms is concerned. There is a cubic cash desk, along with display cases and consulting tables resting on refined, high-gloss conical feet – all kept in black. This combination gives the furniture a lightness that makes the relatively small sales room seem transparent and spacious. The new radiant display cases in the jeweller’s rooms not only create an unobtrusive room segmentation but are essential design elements and ideal supplements for the present wall display cases. Perfect for a stylish presentation of merchandise.

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