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Off to new shores!

The jeweller in the Kaiser-Joseph Straße in Freiburg was ready for a change. Some existing elements of the store equipment were to be preserved, while leaving space for new additions.


Jeweller Nittel desired some conversion work in order to present higher-quality pieces of jewellery to his customers even more attractively. The retail design was to be exciting and new, and yet take up some familiar design elements.


The existing rear wall of the store design was to be elongated and supplemented by further matching pieces.

It makes for an exciting and yet fitting brand experience.

All brands were to be presented independently and differentiated from each other, in order to provide best origination to customers.


The new slate standing consulting elements are solid and yet elegant. They reflect the material and outer façades and dramatically increase the value of the store´s design. The height offset in the sales area is covered by new free-standing furniture that was also kept in a slate look.

Independent and yet belonging together

The step and the resulting height difference in the sales room were skilfully presented this way and included in the store design concept in order to elegantly implement the interior design. Pieces of jewellery and watches are given additional value through the special store equipment. In spite of the independent brand presentation, the products are presented in an associated “Nittel space and design concept”.

As a visual highlight of the store´s design, the full-height sliding panels on which the brand logos are placed add special accents.

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