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Romance and harmony meet classicism and elegance

After a conversion time of six weeks, jeweller Stroh in Backnang is now presenting the new store. The interior in 190 m² convinces with elegance, comfort and the true art of store design. Customers have been able to experience watches, jewellery and wedding rings on two floors in a special room ambience since early May.


The Stroh jeweller’s store was to be given an all-round makeover in order to offer customers a unique shopping experience. In order to continue to convince with the usual reliability, the interior development took place while the business was open.


The jeweller wanted a very special store design and an exciting merchandise presentation for wedding rings. A comfortable and unique atmosphere was to be created, spreading romance and harmony and representing a successful store development concept.

Romance, harmony, classicism, elegance and a pinch of variety.

The remaining part of the store design was to be diverse and yet matching, with surprising accents and clear shapes.


The store design on the ground floor is brightly lit and has a friendly design. Dark, cubic display cases define clear room axes and let the interior design unfold its effect. The simple, pure furniture shapes and their axial arrangement convey an elegant and high-value atmosphere in the classical area of the newly designed store furnishings.

The store equipment that uses elements of brass and carpet islands, as well as the accentuated wallpaper and the lightly structured curtains, creates a comfortable sales ambience. The consulting areas harmoniously merge into the room design in a very discreet manner. A glass sliding door recessed into the wall turns a consulting niche into an enclosed space upon request. The soft, rounded wall combines the classical and trendy jewellery areas, while harmoniously integrating them into the store design. Display cases recessed in the wall “line the way” and the jewellery is presented like exhibits in an art gallery.

Elegance in a pure white

The store design of the wedding ring area entices with elegance and exclusiveness. A white brick spiral staircase takes customers into the light vaulted cellars of the store design. Soft ceilings and walls with white plaster work and the straight-lined and purest material of the jewellery displays merge into a harmonious whole. The impressive merchandise npresentation for the wedding rings is placed in brightly lit display cases as well as in shining display boxes recessed into the walls. A custom graphic wall element with brass-coloured doves and gems, as well as the running light strip, become essential elements of store design. The consulting areas combine straight-lined modern table elements and baroque seats – elegantly in a pure white.

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