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Indicative store design for Kraft Optik

After the successful redesign of optician Kraft Optik’s Stuttgart branch, the branch in Ditzingen was converted now as well. The rooms now draw the looks of passers-by with their impressive appearance.


The area was devided into two areas: sunglasses and corrective glasses. This needed to be reflected in the store design as well.


While the sunglasses area was to produce a lounge-like relaxed atmosphere, the corrective glasses demanded linear, straight-lined store construction.

The divided store design needed to be emphasized differently but harmoniously with the sunglasses wall and the small details in the corrective lens area.

– One eye-catcher chases the next – in the sunglasses wall as well as the floating counter or the fur-covered lamps in the corrective glasses.


The free-floating cash desk counter was placed in frontal facing the entrance area. It acts as the central hub of store design. It fluently guides one to the sunglasses area on the right and is also intended as a standing consulting area. Corrective lenses are located on the opposite side.

The sunglasses wall clearly serves as the eye-catcher: satin-finished backlit plexiglass cylinders in different variations reflect the circle theme of the Kraft branch in Stuttgart and guarantee perfect presentation of the glasses models as well as a high recognition value and perfect retail design.

In a harmonious colour composition of light, friendly shades are created in combination with the bright larch veneer, where sunglasses are embedded loosely and playfully. Lounge-like furniture brings about a very special feel almost reminiscent of an urban club atmosphere with its washed concrete walls and the industrial floor in a trashy used look.

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