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A trendsetter in the area of optics store design

Optik Külling presents its high-quality glasses in a new store design occupying on 175 m² space. The generous store is located on the ground floor of a historical building in the inner city of St. Gallen.



The transfer of this optician’s store to its new owners needed to be reflected outwardly as well. The high demands of design, quality and individual customer services were to be made visible. Optik Külling was going to become a brand!



The customer’s high demands led to challenging details. Therefore, we used many stylistic elements such as lighting, colour changes and form in all elements to reflect the classical round shapes of eyeglasses.

Additionally, the optician’s store furnishings were complemented by harmonious colours and large graphics.

– It’s an entirely rounded-off composition.

Creating a special, individual design while at the same time meeting demands for function, practicality and resilience was an immense challenge for everyone involved.


Transparency taken literally

Customers are received at a monumental-looking black cash desk counter placed in front of a refined natural stone wall made of Ceppo di Gré, a sedimentary rock. This offers the customer a view into the workshop and the optician’s craft through a narrow piece of glass. The specialist retailer clearly stands out from his competitors in the industry with this extraordinary store design, presenting Optik Külling as a separate brand.

The sales floor inspires with its warm living-room atmosphere that invites one to get comfortable and linger. The optician’s furnishings rely on a warm palette of colour made up of blacks, greys, browns and metallic shades that merge into a convincing and harmonious play of colours together with the large full-height graphic element.

As round as glasses are

The retail store design takes up the round shape of glasses, which is reflected in many building and design elements. Glasses are presented on two opposite presentation walls in cylinders that look like metal, creating a type of wall mosaic. Each cylinder varies in size, colour and shape, and can be open or closed. This makes the walls appear relief-like.

The consulting islands are located in the central space of the sales area. Small sitting areas with bronze glass windows offer discretion. The ceiling with its individual lighting system is an essential store design element here. The round shape was reused here as well, and the relief-like design was continued. The lamps used can be dimmed separately, which also increases the relief effect and skilfully presents the heights and depths. Interior design, store construction and store design were skilfully merged for Optik Külling. The comfortable lounge corner with mid-century furniture perfectly completes this optician’s store design.

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