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A concept full of opposites

The optician’s specialist store in Pforzheim presents its glasses in a store and design concept full of opposites. The small store on the ground floor focuses the customers. The shop window already has materials and colours meet in unexpected combinations. Impressive and high-quality glass display cases are placed on high steles of old wood.


Even though the small corner store had been planned and converted with great passion once before, it was time to give the store a new, contemporary outfit once again after about 20 years. The individual elements of store design were to be combined in a visually convincing manner.


In addition to extraordinary architecture, which was to be characteristic for the design, the builder had many wishes to be observed in the 90-m²-store.

The optician’s specialist store in Pforzheim wanted to present its glasses in a store and design concept thriving on opposites. Black and white were to be the dominating colours in the store design.

– Black and white is reflected throughout the optician’s store, giving the retail concept its very own dominant and charming style.


The design concept has been strictly complied with, starting with the straight-lined store design. Very special eye-catchers include natural wood blocks. A similarly attractive visual contrast is provided by the floral patterns of the floor panels and the consistently straight-lined display cases. Narrow indirectly lit display cases around the cash desk area were installed at eye level that automatically draw the customers’ eyes.

The lighting has been precisely adjusted to the mood of the room as well. Recessed spotlights in gimballed mounting with low-voltage technology brighten up the black-and-white ambience. The predominant black and white colouration and the style carried over from the previously-converted acoustics store, also in Pforzheim, create a recognisable connection between the two stores.

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