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New store design for Optik Leonhardt

Optik Leonhardt opened its specialist store in a new space just a few steps away from its previous address, in Melanchthonstraße in Bretten. The optician’s team now consults its regular and new customers in about 200 m².

The entire store design lives and invigorates with its tasteful, harmonious world of colours and materials, as well as its softly undulating shapes. The spatial design that invites customers to go on a journey of exploration through the individual areas of the store invigorates as well.


The move into a dedicated property had become necessary, with the new area of more than 200 m², permitting the expansion of the examination area and generally enabling a more generous presentation.

The store design needed to be clear and yet warm. A natural and high-quality retail design was needed. The optician’s furnishings were to be designed for a stylish contrast between the soft presentation of sunglasses and that of functional glasses in front of white synthetic leather.


The main challenge for this project was in combining the harmonious transition between the two different styles in an optimal manner.

The narrow and elongated footprint had to be zoned to keep the customer interested in walking into the depths of the store. The low ceiling height was another design challenge.

The merchandise presentation was the key element for this optician’s store design.


The simple flooring in a concrete look and clear white ceiling emphasize the very generous room sizes. The cash desk area harmoniously fits into the store design with its advanced lounge-like waiting area. Customers are invited to linger in comfortable armchairs here. The cash desk furniture and the graphics wall are kept in a walnut look, which perfectly matches the warm, fir-green wall segments.

Clear and well-structured

There is a generous column in the middle space. Further functional glasses are presented here as well in a clear structure and providing a good overview. A functional divider makes the interior design of this room seem extravagant and special. At the same time, it segments the space inside and forms a transfer to the calm consulting stations. These are kept very simple and mostly in walnut. Comfortable white bucket seats around simple, visually floating table tops placed on a cosy high-pile carpet form a pleasant space for interviews.

The specialist store now also has space for examinations in the rear area. The optician’s refraction rooms are located here as well. The store design has been tastefully divided here.

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