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Make it all new! That was the task master optician Christian Metzger and his team set for us. The new shop design was to become a true eye-catcher, with special colour highlights, custom materials and a reduced, yet concise style. The overall concept was to be a pleasant surprise for customers, inviting them to linger and attractively presenting the glasses at the same time.


Before we set to work, we talked to Mr Metzger and his team to collect their requirements and wishes both for the sales area on the ground floor and for the workshop in the basement of the optician’s specialist store. Then we had an ambitious 14 days to disassemble the store area of 71 sqm and to embed the new design concept with the goal of shaping an individual and fitting overall concept that conveys competence and high value, as well as an inviting ambience for customers.


Optik Messerschmidt is shining in an all-new look! The store in the main street of Idar-Oberstein is barely recognisable anymore. The ground-floor sales area stands out with its harmony of clear shapes and warm, natural materials. Custom-made holders for glasses on MDF rear wall panels in a natural shade unobtrusively and tastefully present the visual seeing aids. The wall coverings in this area, made of loosely draped curtains, match them in colour, while other wall segments add fitting contrasts in black MDF. The consulting areas are optimally separated, offering comfortable consulting islands with appropriate discretion for the customers. Sunglasses are presented a little extravagantly on a wall in a marble look. The emerald-green stone symbol is a homage to the store’s location in the gemstone centre of Idar-Oberstein. The special combination of the stone look with black grids and metal sideboard lockers conveys a light industrial style that provides a perfect harmony with the store’s cosy ambience. The new appearance profits from a well-coordinated design concept!

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