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Store design with a harmonious wellness flair

Friendly, bright and clear – this is how the appearance of optician Optique Moitzheim can be described. The views through the large shop window place a deliberate and targeted focus on the design and products that are presented purely as well as stylishly in the display of the optician’s specialist store.


The approx. 85 square metres of consulting and sales area should be given a straight-lined and clearly structured store design. Large tiles and a concrete look are to make the room appear generous and wide. The glasses were to be placed in backlit shelf segments.


In this store design, the devil was in the details, since the decoration was not to distract from the product.

In order to still produce a comfortable flair, decorative elements like the honeycomb-shaped lamps and adjusted light spots were integrated into the walls in this store design.

– This makes for a pure and harmonious store design with a wellness flair.


The white, full-height wall segments in the shop window area provide space for a clear view. They create a pleasant spatial separation without making the store design less transparent. The solid elements appear light and almost floating thanks to the floor and ceiling offsets and delicate central supports made of stainless steel.

Cubic and light, the sales counter is inserted as a room-in-room element. The light surface adds bright reflexes with its modern optical fibre technology in order to also accentuate the graphical elements of the rear wall. Glasses are clearly at the focus of this store design as the product. Decorations will not distract from product competence here.

Comfortable islands
The central space holds the almost cosy consulting island. A long table with three consulting stations is placed on a high-pile grey carpet. Cosy swivel chairs padded in a light blue create a pleasant space for customer talks in a modern retail design.

The consulting island is accentuated by suspended black lighting elements that repeat the arrangement of the light spots on the sunglasses wall in their honeycomb shape and make the entire area merge into one unit.

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