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Exklusive und individual comfort

Peter Kaiser presents leather goods in an exclusive ambience in 160 m². In Wilhelmstraße in Wiesbaden, customers will find hand bags, belts, shoes and leather accessories presented in a classical and yet modern boutique character.


The task of HEIKAUS was implementing the design concept of the brand. Our team had barely four weeks’ time until the new store was to be opened. Detrimental general conditions made the task quite hard. The raw floor was uneven and the electrical installations were outdated.


The store design and furnishings were to reflect the exclusive merchandise and, of course, present them appropriately to the customer.

The furniture had to be constructed and produced within four weeks. These were the first prototypes. All parties involved were very nervous here. After all, this project was very important for the brand.


Only well-coordinated assembly teams and a reliable partnership between all parties made this project a great success. Beautiful materials in skilful forms make shopping a great experience.


Fashionably faux-Italian white free-standing cabinets produced in high quality, a refined dark wood floor in a Wenige look, warm natural shades on the accent walls and metal accents in stainless steel and brass. This combination of colours and materials creates a special as well as exclusive ambience after comprehensive interior design.

Individual and professional

The individually and professionally produced store furnishings, as well as the professional and high-quality store design execution, created an impressive shopping experience for the demanding customer at Peter Kaiser’s in Wiesbaden.

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