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Expansion of the optician - 2 become 3

After HEIKAUS implemented the store design for the ground floor and basement floor of the optician, which is known even beyond its borders, the upper floor of the optician’s store in Metzgerstraße in St. Gallen was turned into the new contact lens area on 120 m².


Adjusted to the retail store design and materials of the other floors, customers will be greeted by modern and clear lines.

The concise horizontal three-dimensional line structure translates the structure of the granite wall from the ground floor and basement into the clinical look of the examination area behind this.


The store design needed to be an all-round coordinated concept with two styles that merge with each other. The structure and many small details have been exquisitely implemented with the clinical look of the optician’s furnishings, enticing with their simple and yet impressive elegance.

The new store design integrates seamlessly into the other two floors.

Apart from this, everything in this store´s design, from the door facilities to the 3D-walls to the lighting effects, is harmoniously coordinated.

– Success is in the eye for detail.


The design ambitions of the store are clear from the first moment of entering the stairwell to the upper floor with its free-floating steps integrated into the granite wall. Nevertheless, the first look through the clear glass railing will fall onto the full-height curved glass wall. This presentation segment of store design almost automatically draws the eye to the “fleet” of high-tech measuring equipment, also showing the customer the full technical competence that awaits him here.

The little things are what makes life special

The various style elements make the optician’s store design an overall piece of art for customers and employees alike. The door openings are integrated into the structure, while recessed lighting strips offer an interesting effect of light and shadow along the wall. The smooth white fitted furniture on the surrounding walls support the dynamic movement of the 3D wall in spite of its calming effect.
It was turned into the new contact lens area in a 120 m² space.

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