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„Desire for more“

The order office of Schiesser in Eschborn gets a new face. HEIKAUS took care of the fashion label’s store design and designed and implemented a showroom with individual sections such as a reception area, lounge, CI area and collection rooms.


The order offices were to be adjusted to a new concept. The collection was no longer to be shown openly, giving field service the option of presenting the collection a needed. Dedicated worlds for special lines such as “Revival” or “Uncover” were to be created. An openly designed entrance area was to serve as a “get together” and increase desire for the brand.


An open office was to be created in which several customers are to be shown the collection at the same time in various ordering places. About 1000 pieces per collection or order place must be arranged so as to permit quick access at all times and sorted so that nothing needs to be searched – a great challenge for the merchandise presentation and store design.

The rolling containers offer flexibility in the presentation of the new collections and make the merchandise disappear again as quickly as it come out!

Customers should also always maintain an overview of the items they want to keep and the items they want to return.

-HEIKAUS has created entirely new options for sales in this merchandise presentation.


“Garages” for the rolling containers in which the collection is placed and that can be moved all the way to the tables enable sales staff to present the collection to the customer’s wishes. Movable rods serve to hang the ordered merchandise for key looks so that the customer will always maintain the overview. The remaining amount will disappear in the container again. The order places of the special lines are equipped to match the products, young and fresh or in a traditional high quality. A lounge area with a café between image and picture walls conveys values and atmosphere.

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