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The concept for the store in Bahnhofsstraße in Seiligenstadt, originally opened in 2001, was to be renewed. The task was receiving customers in an attractive, contemporary, and modern atmosphere in future, centring on sunglasses, correction eyeglasses, and contact lenses. The specialist store also offers competent consulting in hearing acoustics. The separated room required for measurements was to fit into the room concept harmoniously and practically at the same time.


The challenge was to continue the attractive and pleasant presentation of the three competence areas of Schwind Hören & Sehen on an area of about 100 m², without appearing overloaded. The store was to attract new buyers with its new and modern interior design concept, without alienating long-term customers. The spatial division and design implementation were to be characterised by a practical and tasteful room concept in future.


In a conversion period of three months, a design concept in clear colours, geometric shapes and pure materials was developed, integrated into optimally coordinated room structures. The transparent shop window design affords a first view of the modern specialist store, with a front section that focuses on the attractive presentation of sunglasses. A circular backlit glasses shelf reminiscent of an eye serves as the eyecatcher of the design implemented in this area. Light and natural materials such as perforated sheet and light oak wood divide the individual specialisations, creating a pleasant “room-in-room” concept that guides customers through the store. The light blues of the walls combine with brass metal elements and soft greys to create a pleasant, light, and friendly atmosphere. Unobtrusive colour graduations on the walls and furniture create areas that highlight the respective competence areas, such as sunglasses, correction eyeglasses or contact lenses, while at the same time creating a clear room structure and customer guidance all the way to the examination room.
It is a successful, tasteful and sophisticated room concept on little space!

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