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From the citywall to the hearing care professional

The new store of a hearing care specialist with special sales and consultation rooms can be found at Grabenstraße 22 in Backnang in approx. 90 m². After the complete interior development, a large-format black-and-white motif wallpaper has become a special eye-catcher for the store. It shows a historical and stylish train station hall. This motif represents the hectic, noise and unrest of everyday life. An immense natural stone block from the city wall that is located centrally in the middle space of the store is a calming as well as historical element of the furnishings.


The task at Hörakustik Stroh was developing an inviting and yet simple store design. The natural stone block needed to be seamlessly integrated into the store design and add a unique specific look.


This store construction project was unique in all areas. The part of the city wall was to be the hub in the store of this hearing care specialist, which turned out to be a major challenge.

– Old dressed up as new


Thanks to the city’s own peculiarity, the store furnishings appear more family-like and let customers connect at once. The store design was essentially designed by using impressively high white walls, wood cassettes in a classical design and ornament wallpapers. Heavy full-height anthracite curtains highlight the monumental and calming room design.

The curtains, as well as the textile flooring, ensure a pleasant and calm room atmosphere. The modern and comfortable bucket seats offer customers pleasant sitting comfort during their consultation. Store construction appears clear, bright and inviting through the use of unobtrusive recessed spotlights in combination with modern suspended lamps. It is a matching store design concept that invites the customer to linger in its harmonious interaction of colour and materials.

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