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Buckenmaier - the "star of lingerie"

The lingerie department in the T.C. Buckenmaier fashion store was re-designed and is now shining with attractive store equipment that makes customers want to dedicate themselves to the subject of underwear.


The underwear department of the fashion store in Crailsheim was to receive a makeover. The entire department with its 370 m² was to make people want to approach the subject of underwear more closely again.


Each area was to have its own individual note or identity and nevertheless appear as one unit. Men’s underwear, nightwear, women’s underwear, lingerie, the world of sauna and a cash desk area were to be presented so that each area is clearly recognisable and the customer maintains the overview.

The saune panelling in transparently varnished wood harmoniously fit the overall image.

Many different materials had to be used in the store design in order to give every single area a specific touch and distinguish it from the others.

– Even the smallest details of store equipment were chosen to create a harmony with the overall design.


Presentation of the merchandise in theme worlds. Selling lingerie as sensuous enjoyment: Swimwear in front of a tiled rear swimming bath wall, men’s underwear on a workbench and scaffolding-like shelves, bathrobes in front of the wooden wall of the sauna, lingerie in front of black/white high-gloss furniture.

The star of lingerie

The jury also loved “…the very unique appearance with loving details…” and Buckenmaier received the intensely desired “star of lingerie” in the category NEW STORES / NEW LOOKS for its store design.

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