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Trigema – 100% made in Germany

Germany’s largest manufacturer of sports and leisure clothing changes its outward presentation. After the new store concept was launched at the Stuttgart airport, manufacturer Trigema now presents itself and its merchandise on about 200 m² in the newly opened Mall of Berlin.


The changed external presentation is to be reflected in the store design and to emphasise the high value of the products. A clear segmentation is to divide the individual product groups from each other for the customer visibly.


The interior, in combination with the high-quality merchandise, is to create a sales platform that has an athletic as well as elegant effect on the customer.

The furniture has a very purist effect, which clearly puts the focus on the merchandise.

Additionally, the store furnishings of the textile store are to radiate calm in a good structure to enable customers to find their way easily.

– HEIKAUS created a true eye-catcher with the “Swarovski crystallised” wall.


The individual product groups are highlighted with colours and thus offer a clear orientation for the customers. Sporty textiles are skilfully presented on high-quality shelves and hangers in rounded wall niches and elaborately produced mid-space furniture.

100% Made in Germany

The company’s corporate colours and the wing from the logo were integrated into the furnishings. Unobtrusive and yet with great effect, the blue and red colour accents in combination with white plastic surfaces ensure a clear recognition effect for the Trigema brand – 100% Made in Germany.

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