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Elfriede von Hofen manages a traditional operation in Stuttgart’s inner city. The jeweller’s shop is known for its high quality and competence – not least due to the in-house master’s workshop for clockmaking and jewellery. The family-owned enterprise has moved into new premises now. The move doubled the sales area of this exclusive specialist store. The new store design was to reflect the colours as well as materials of the previous premises. Crème shades, marble and gold are the colours and materials that characterised the former store’s style. The task was finding a refined and attractive mix of luxury, high value and opulence. The jewellery was to be presented in a rather matter-of-fact and clear manner.


The materials and colours of the former design concept were to be reflected in the new one, while harmoniously blending with the existing situation of the new store. Parts of the existing furniture, a dominant ceiling mirror with an impressive chandelier and large, light tiles on the floor were to be presented anew. The result was to be a store design that embodies tradition and competence while at the same time representing the high value of the refined jeweller’s products.


The classical and high-value furnishings were preserved, processed and partially moved. For example, the opulent sales desk is now found in the rear of the store. The mid-room design forms the centre and highlight of this specialist store. The large, round ceiling field has been processed and forms a kind of room dome together with a gigantic chandelier. Below this, there is a presentation table shaped as a semi-sphere. Special pieces are presented on it under high glass bells.
The existing presentation shelves have been reworked into display cases flush with the wall. On the one hand, golden and sparkling details, such as gold frames and elaborately designed shop window elements have been worked into the store design. On the other hand, the room’s symmetry, round shapes and sparkling glass crystals have been included. Design elements and terms of the world of jewellery. These are translated into a tasteful store design at the von Hofen jeweller’s store.

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