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Weber Optik - a visual highlight with a wellness factor

After a conversion time of five weeks, the optician’s specialist store Weber presents itself in an impressive and extravagant store design. The distinctive façade design seems to be a design statement. Optik Weber can be found at Stuttgarter Straße B27 in Bietigheim-Bissingen. The dark and diagonal design of the façade is impressive while at the same time having an extremely dynamic effect.


The store by the highly frequented B27 needed to become an eye-catcher from the outside as well. On the inside, its new presentation was to continue and the hearing acoustics area was to be brought out clearly. All in all, the sales area of approx. 220 m² was to be kept bright, pure and straight-lined.


The new exterior design was to be concise but presented with high value. The high number of glasses demanded for the presentation, along with the wish for four consulting stations, were some challenges that HEIKAUS was facing on the interior.


– Extravagant and yet straight-lined


The corrective glasses are presented rather unobtrusively on backlit wood boards integrated into wall niches. The sunglasses can be found on a specifically developed metal cube system that brings out the extravagance of this store design. The exciting material colour mix of black metal, dark wood and pastel colours make them appear like a room sculpture that enriches the space and focuses views.

The continuous theme of the entire retail design is the “cube”. One of the walls also has an amorphous-like wall sculpture, similar to the store furnishings in the central space. However, this was supplemented by bright cubes that make the furniture seem plastic and floating.

The large shop windows are also used to present the glasses purely, on large, dark wood cubes reminiscent of an art gallery. The consulting area is located at the centre of the modern optician’s store. It is accentuated like an island with a bright ceiling field and light high-pile carpet on the floor.

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