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Two store designs combined into one

Optik Z. Kälin opened its new sales space in 200 m² in May 2016. Behind the impressive façade in the Hauptstrasse in Einsiedeln, customers are received and competently advised in a complete store design in an elegant and very orderly environment.


The overall appearance of the store was to have a harmonious effect. A straight-lined concept with a comfortable lounge area was also intended to create a wellness atmosphere.



In this project, the challenge for the store design team of HEIKAUS AG was in a changing style and the fluent and harmonious transfer from a warm and comfortable flair towards a straight-lined and simpler one.

The combination of these two different styles has resulted in a pleasant retail design.

– Two styles in one store design


The generous room is clearly divided into two areas. One of them holds the corrective glasses area. Warm materials such as satin-finished glass, felt covers and floors in a warm stone look create cosiness. The straight-lined arrangement of the wall presentation, divided by mirror segments, gives the customer an optimal overview of the entire range. The glasses frames are brilliantly backlit and presented. The consultation tables are arranged along the window front with daylight exposure. Comfortable bucket seats placed on comfortable light-coloured oak tables create optimal conditions for customer interviews.

A room in the room

Customers can find another part of the store furnishings, holding the sports and sunglasses, on the other side of the sales room, which is separated by a central “workshop cube” – also made of light oak.
The sunglasses are tastefully and pleasantly presented in a kind of “letter case system” reminiscent of a large cabinet wall.

The change of materials and the room segmentation leads to two areas on one sales floor – like a room-in-room system. The overall appearance of the store design is nevertheless absolutely harmonious. A comfortable lounge area and playful standing tables loosen up the generally straight-lined room concept of the store design and support the wellness atmosphere of the optician’s store design.

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