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Fashion Store Bratfisch

Tilo & Sari Heuser

We were highly satisfied with the cooperation with HEIKAUS. The result of this cooperation is absolutely wonderful. Especially the cooperation with the responsible project manager was very good but we would also like to emphasise the great architectural performance. Although the project was not easy to plan or to manage, the chosen play of colours is absolutely harmonious and we have received a lot of commendatory feedback, even from outside of Giessen. The design is optimally adapted to the building which was of great importance to us.We felt very well advised and guided by the HEIKAUS team throughout the whole project. We would like to mention that they worked with a great intuition and this in regard to every single detail. We now have a complete new appearance which however, lets our customers feel comfortable and almost at home. The task was to create a modern atmosphere which however should not appear too cool. Now the customer is inspired by the clear lines and the warm colours and yet the goods are in focus. The desired effect has been reached already now: the customers buy “more easily”. A clear view thanks to a clear structure! We would anytime recommend HEIKAUS – and have already also done so. Thank you so much for a successful reconstruction!

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Jewellery von Hofen

Wolfgang Oergel

We were absolutely contented with the HEIKAUS team. The cooperation with the responsible project manager was very smooth and he was greatly committed. Thanks to the suggested and realised smart solutions regarding the interior fitting our store is now larger than before the reconstruction. All our customers are excited about the bigger size of the store. The centrepiece furniture which was manufactured especially for us really appeals to us as well as to our customers. We can only recommend HEIKAUS.

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Juwellery shop Bielert

Karin Bielert-Boppert

"We were on the same wavelength right from the beginning. Our ideas were taken up and implemented, but the HEIKAUS team always gave a clear input too – working together this way we achieved the best results! During the implementation, HEIKAUS was there for us and everything was completed exactly on schedule. We now have a tailor-made shop and the processes work exactly as intended. The clear lines and the successful room arrangement are appeal to our customers. "

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Optical store Weber

Anja Weber

„We wished our shop to become an eyecatcher which also draws the attention of new customers. Our wish was realised to perfection! All our customers are impressed also by this second project which we conducted with HEIKAUS. Especially the modern, light-coloured, generous design with a pleasant atmosphere appeals to our clients."

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Hiob Calan

"The reconstruction was realised within a short time, which was impressive to experience. The combination of planning and realisation is a great service which facilitates and accelerates the rebuilding process. We had a very good start and are happy with the sales."

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Baumann optical store

Thomas Baumann

To become more noticeable: this was the most important aim of the reconstruction and this target was reached optimally. Even though we have been located for more than 80 years at the same place, new customers ask us weekly: Since when do we have an optician in our city? Have you opened lately?”

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Lambacher Optical store & hearing aids

Stefan Lambacher

„HEIKAUS respected our wishes and suggestions and these were realised to our satisfaction. The deadlines were met without exception and the works and installations were executed accurately and properly. We especially liked the creative proposals, the usage of high quality materials and the good build quality. We have received solely positive feedback in regard to the reconstruction. Thanks to our new up to date appearance we could not only increase the customer loyalty but also win more new customers.”

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Kraft Optical store

Andreas Kraft

„We have already carried out three projects with HEIKAUS and appreciate that our ideas and visions are realised with a great amount of sensitivity. The cooperation is smooth and reliable. Our self-confidence as a top supplier in the field of optics has grown with every new store. The customers as well as the team feel comfortable in the new premises. This has a positive impact on the working atmosphere, the customer frequency and the development of our sales.”

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Jewellery shop Hunke

Thomas Hunke

„We were very satisfied with the cooperation and loved the idea input. The project was perfectly organised and thus the reconstruction was absolutely stress-free. Owing to the new interior design the historic store appears much younger and fresher and it appeals to much more customers who are looking for wedding rings than before. This again leads to a higher customer frequency, more wedding ring sales and a better external perception.”

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T.C. Buckenmaier

Ralph Buckenmaier

„The planning phase with HEIKAUS was a very creative process. Our ideas were very well translated into drawings. But also numerous ideas were brought in by the Heikaus team so that the final result was amazing. Our underwear department has now a modern appearance like we wished it to be. Our customers are very happy with it and we can evidence a positive sales development“.

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