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We stand for holistic thinking – architecture and interior design by a retail professional.

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Building architecture and interior architecture from one source? The advantages are clear

Especially in the commercial sector speed and effectiveness are the key factors. Time is money and vacancy means loss – both economically and also with regard to image.

Our professionals for architecture, interior design and retail design, plan and implement – in all trades! After extensive consultation, we guarantee the detailed planning of your construction projects as well as the absolute deadline- and cost adherence in the implementation phase. The experienced teams of all crafts of interior fitting and building construction are experienced and work tirelessly for the success of your project! Short reaction times and quick decision-making optimise cooperation and ensure a smooth renovation process.

We offer you comprehensive services regarding architecture and interior design – the choice is yours!




for your business

As a shopfitter we have an experienced team of architects, designers and craftsmen.
This guarantees transparency and ensures budget adherence.

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HEIKAUS takes care of your overall project - all services from one source!

Some years ago, we decided to meet a particular wish of our customers. We got feedback over and over again that customers want to have only one contact person managing their entire renovation process including all services from structural engineering to the interior design and shopfitting. Hence, we integrated this wish into our service portfolio, which again resulted in holistic project management with all relevant services obtainable from one single source. Thanks to this way of working we can offer all services for your construction project – while saving time due to our ability to quickly and efficiently exchange information.

After detailed briefings at the beginning, the concrete planning begins. Each step will be discussed and planned in close cooperation with you. During the planning process all trades will be listed and calculated concerning the design requirements as well as the costs. Our customers appreciate the comprehensive service consisting of building construction architecture, interior design and interior fitting.

Benefit from this all-inclusive package. HEIKAUS as your  architect, interior designer and project manager!

All relevant trades are planned, calculated and coordinated by our experts in building construction architecture and interior design. The early inclusion of all partners involved in the planning process and the continuous control of the defined goals ensure smooth processes and helps to avoid construction errors.

HEIKAUS, your partner – up to the turnkey handover of your project!

Thanks to our vast experience as a shopfitter and interior designer our construction and interior design teams are familiar with the processes and interdependencies between the different trades as well as the requirements regarding cooperation with our dependable partners. Our partner companies work professionally and hand in hand in order to implement your construction project, ensuring the best quality and staying on schedule.

As a building construction architect and interior designer, we understand the team-based process within the trades. We offer you services for your overall concept!

We accompany you as your specialist at all project stages and offer you services for your overall concept, both in terms of building construction and interior fitting.

-Demolition work
-Façade construction
-Advertising technology and exterior lighting
-Windows and exterior doors
-Plaster- and painting work
-Fire protection technology
-Dry wall and ceiling systems
-Soil remediation and foundation work
-Electrical installation
-Heating and air conditioning technology
-Lighting design
-Furniture production as well as carpentry work

Upon request, HEIKAUS will take care of all of the construction documentation for you. We also take charge of all of the approval documents and the application for a construction permit. After the application has been examined and approved by the authorising agency, we will accompany you up to the turnkey handover.

Project management by one single person - plenty of advantages

Do you invest a lot of time in having meetings and discussions with various craftsmen? Do you need a lot of time for scheduling the individual trades? Are you worried about cost control regarding the services offered as well as the professional implementation and execution? As your specialist in architecture and interior design, HEIKAUS takes care of all of these tasks!

The process of designing, drafting, planning and coordinating a project including architecture and interior design services is comprehensive and complex. The planning includes your ideas, visions and wishes regarding your construction project. The implementation is very challenging and demands a lot of time, coordination skills and experience in the diverse trades.

Use your energy for your business. And let our architects handle your project. We can look back on multiple years of experience in architecture and more than 40 years of project experience in interior design, shopfitting and project management.

Let’s get ready for the future! Together for your success!

Thanks to our professional competence and vast experience, we manage your projects quickly, reliably and in line with the budget.

The result of our joint activities is your construction project – individual, creative and unique!

Contact us
Contact us

+49 (0) 7143 96929-39


We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. We would be pleased to present you with a non-binding offer and provide you with the appropriate professional advice. Make a choice and make a decision! HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

Cost and quality control - matters of architects!

Our team of architects and interior designers stands for commitment! – during the planning phase as well as in the execution!

If you entrust us with all of the trades in the fields of building construction and interior design, HEIKAUS bears the entire responsibility for your construction project. The services provided by the craftsmen, the scheduling, the construction management and coordination on site. The control of the work done and the adherence to the budget set by you. Rely on our competent team with a lot of experience in building construction architecture and interior design.

We only design what we also can implement!

For us, project management means being on the construction site and personally managing your project. We are the “tour guide for your journey” to the new concept.
Our architects and interior designers always concentrate on a professional performance and the delivery of a final result which meets all expectations. Each group of craftsmen is instructed by our site managers and the executed work is conscientiously examined and accepted after completion. Possible defects are immediately detected and corrected.

HEIKAUS is your architect and interior designer who has a view of everything!

A architecture and interior design firm, we are familiar with the industry-specific requirements!

Each industry, product or service has its own requirements regarding the functional processes. These will be carefully taken into account by our team of architects starting in the planning stage. In the end, it is all about staging your commercial success. Our team picks up your ideas, visions and requirements and develops, together with you, your individual architectural highlight. Important information resulting from joint discussions and strategic consulting flows into the overall concept.

Professional competence but also soft skills are important to us. HEIKAUS is more than a structural engineer and designer – we are your companion and consultant with a lot of empathy!

Putting your trust in someone is not always easy. First, you need to get to know each other, learn something about each other and thus gain confidence. Our architects, interior designers and retail planners are highly empathetic and sensitive. Competence, gained from years of project experience and … because we love what we do. And because we like to reinvent ourselves over and over again and are keen on satisfying even unusual customer wishes. This results in individual interior designs and unique architectural concepts.
We have been working professionally in the fields of shopfitting and architecture for more than 40 years now. We have merged all of our knowledge and competencies into a full-service-package you can get from one single source.

You decide to what extent you make use of services in architecture and interior design. We as a holistic partner, are at your disposal for all of your interests. We are your industry specialist and construction coordinator!

Special requirements are our challenge!

Our goal in all projects is to develop an exciting and individual solution with modern attributes. The diverse, construction projects we have already completed reflect the wide range of our skills and excellence in regard to design and drafting. Our main focus is to turn interior and exterior spaces into an experience.

No sector is like the other – each customer is unique – each project individual!

Our team of architects and interior designers, profits from years of experience, creative potential and technical know-how! During project implementation we gain valuable information regarding the technical and design details and create individual solutions. We always focus on your success and your return on investment. We act accordingly in your interest!

We attach importance to individual solutions and fulfilling tasks taking into consideration the particular location and the surroundings. Taking the idea from the draft and material sampling through to the individual manufacturing processes as well as the final assembly, it is a demanding and long process.

Take advantage of the foresight and the holistic performance of our architects and interior designers. You can rest assured that your ideas, wishes and expectations are considered as well as optimally coordinated and implemented.

Architecture and interior design – from one single source – ensures time and cost efficiency!

Save time and resources! We are your competent partner for building architecture and interior architecture!

Avoid wasting time on a complex search for the right company or for cost comparisons. Because you already save thanks to the HEIKAUS services – architecture and interior design – from one single source. Time, money and energy!
Having a consistent contact person by your side during the entire project minimises the risk of delays and associated cost changes. Delegate the full responsibility to your project manager for architecture and interior design.

Do not take any risks! Trust the vast experience of a well-versed team of designers and craftsmen specialised in construction projects in the field of business. As a general contractor we are aware of bottlenecks, issues and possible risks. Our partner companies work in close cooperation and reliably with us.

Make a choice and take a decision!

HEIKAUS will accompany you – as your professional architect and interior designer – on this journey!

Contact us

You can rely on the vast experience of our design and crafts team which specialises in turnkey shopfitting. We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. Make a choice and make a decision. HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

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