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Interior design

With us, you enter into a new era of shopfitting with cutting-edge interior design concepts! Our team of architects and interior designers create and develop spatial culture for your business. Interior design and architecture to touch and feel! The time of large and packed presentation shelves in retail is over! Today, in the field of interior design and retail design – “less is more”. Customers do not want to be overwhelmed with information, products and stimuli – shopping should be a pleasant experience. Appealing interior design highlights and original presentation of merchandise are emotional invitations to your customers.

Spending time together with your partner or maybe your best friend, just strolling, rummaging and discovering or even purposefully searching for something that needs to be purchased. It´s usually not about the need for new products but the desire to own something new. The little luxuries you want to treat yourself to. The structural design of the storefront as well as the interior design of the shop should be accordingly attractive. The goal is to create an atmosphere, a retail design, that awakens new needs and desires within your customers and thus motivates them to stay and buy.

Our creative team turns your business into a trendsetter in your industry!




for your business

As a shopfitter we have an experienced team of architects, designers and craftsmen.
This guarantees transparency and ensures budget adherence.

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Individuality - the ultimate factor for perfect shop design and interior architecture

Only the retailer who identifies himself with his retail design, the interior design concept, will be successful. A tailored shop design makes it easier for the owner to run the business successfully. HEIKAUS sets the stage for you as a performer – and you put YOUR play on this stage. We make sure that stage, actors and costumes are perfectly coordinated – with an interior design concept that is tailored to you and your customers.

This is also true for chain store owners – certain unique selling points generated by the interior design combined with regional references ensure authenticity and credibility in the customer’s mind. Trust in your feeling and our experience in architecture and interior design.

Let´s create something new together.

Excite your customers - but also your employees - with innovative interior design

Your success depends on your persuasiveness. At first, convince your own team of your new retail project, the presentation of merchandise, new materials, selected colours and style. If possible, involve your employees in the interior design and planning of the product presentation. Your workplace is a bit like your home – you need to feel good there.

We can support you with professional strategy consulting – we care about your success! Your customers will feel the difference. Thanks to your conviction you will motivate your customers to step in and get to know you, your shop, your products and your competence..

YOU write the script and YOU are the director!

Contact us
Contact us
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We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. We would be pleased to present you with a non-binding offer and provide you with the appropriate professional advice. Make a choice and make a decision! HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

Strategic consulting with foresight

All of your wishes as our customer regarding room design, interior design, product presentation and the necessary functional processes are at the same time our tasks in strategy consulting. This means that we combine your wishes and ideas with our project experience from more than 4000 projects in shop- and store design. Our team creates, together with you, your individual and unique shopping world – to touch and experience! You set the standard for your design!

Building architecture and interior design belong together!

Each store consists of a building, the façade, the shop windows and the entrance door. The facade with all its elements is an essential visual design area. The decision “yes or no” by your customers is taken in front of your store. Will he or she enter your space or move on? We combine the fields of architecture and interior design into one harmonious overall design. The façade can reflect what the customer may expect inside – or just the opposite.

This is the game with the opposites, the outside is simple but on the inside you get the “wow-effect”! Inspire, surprise and excite starting in front of your shop. With a general contractor at your side, you will find creative solutions.

Plan with us, outside-to in, your new interior design –

Providing insights to generate interest!

The façade is an essential design element in the field of building  architecture and it is directly related to interior design. Our design team creates exciting transparencies in your façade and shop window design. We develop a presentation of goods and insights into the shop, which make passersby attentive and curious.

Your shop windows are the “outdoor stages” of your store. Present your service and products as a personal invitation to passersby, customers and new customers. The structure of the shop window should correspond to your motivation and sense of interior design. You also convince here – if you can get into it. Rely on our competence in design and construction matters. We are your strategy consultant, idea finder and companion!

Optik Weber

Anja Weber

„We wished our shop to become an eyecatcher which also draws the attention of new customers. Our wish was realised to perfection! All our customers are impressed also by the second project which we conducted with HEIKAUS. Especially the modern, light-coloured, generous design with the pleasant atmosphere appeals to our clients."

Take your position!

Neverending discussion: online trading – certainly also your topic. The reason for this is the massive increase in online commerce. But is that a threat or maybe an opportunity? Think of it as your chance to show customers what you offer and provide. Be aware that it takes specialists to maintain customers and gain new ones.

Your and our goal is to spur on the brick and mortar retail trade, to create enthusiasm with shopfitting concepts. To create such demanding architecture and interior design, appealing room concepts and new shopping worlds as well as shopping experiences, especially in city centres, which have a magnetic effect and are talked about.

The significant added value of the brick and mortar retail and personal service, in contrast to the online market, must be communicated, transported and staged. Together we create shopfitting and shopping worlds which give your customers shopping pleasure. Pleasure they feel from the very beginning: when entering, experiencing, touching and tasting. Enough room for information, advice and a place just to stay. All added value the online market cannot offer.

Take advantage of the opportunities retail trade offers – with new design and concepts.

When planning and implementing a really good shopfitting and retail design, many aspects and requirements must be taken into account, starting with the structural engineer and, of course, also by the interior architect and the designer. HEIKAUS develops – together with you – YOUR personal “brand” for YOUR unique business, the presentation of your products and services.

Our team not only masters interior design and building construction architecture but also combines the requirements of product presentation and product staging into your individual shop fitting and retail design!

Inspire your customers and win "new" ones

We make sure that you are recognized and get your own distinctive identity!

Shopfitting and retail design is more than just interior design. The development of an appealing interior design is not enough to be successful in retail business and in the market. In order to achieve this, both the building´s architecture on the exterior and in the façade area as well as your shop design and the entire interior fittings of the store should stand out thanks to peerless optics and functionality. All of the interior furnishings should be manufactured and assembled by specialists. With us as the general contractor by your side you can create something new and great.

The development of an individual, creative and functional interior design concept, including shopfitting, demands a great deal of you and us as planners. Because in the end, it is all about developing an innovative and holistic shop design idea, including detailed implementation and execution, as well as a turnkey handover to you.

Our interior designers and planners are your planning partners from “outside to inside” – your strategy consultant, shop-builder and implementer – your general contractor! HEIKAUS will make you even more successful!

Contact us

You can rely on the vast experience of our design and crafts team which specialises in turnkey shopfitting. We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. Make a choice and make a decision. HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

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