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Merchandise presentation - a world of diversity and individuality

“The” only one trend in shop fitting and retail design no longer exists! You set the trend!

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So how does an up-to-date and trendy merchandise presentation look like?

The elements of shopfitting are a part of the overall appearance of the store und thus visible and perceivable at first sight for the customers. They are integrated into the interior design, as a harmonious and appealing retail design concept. The presentation of goods is thereby an essential design component. The type of placement has an essential influence on the overall appearance of the shop design. Customers are confronted with impulses which affect the senses. The key is to harmonise the room layouts with the shopfitting concept, the shop design and the presentation of goods. Because the impulses we set with our retail design concept should be perceived as an invitation by your customers. As an invitation to discover, rummage, take advice, get information or even just to stay and spend some time. Accordingly, our interior design professionals and designers create an interior design which includes different zones. This generates tension and results in a special room experience.

Materials, colours and eye-catching design elements of the shopfitting concept are visually perceived and they invate your customers to enter the shop. The aim of interior design and presentation of goods is to guide your customers through the range of goods and your products smoothly. All design factors have to harmonize and complement one another. The presentation of goods, the interior fittings and the store design should inspire your customer to explore, make them curious and awaken their desire to buy. But also the functionality, flexibility and optimal handling of the furniture for product presentation should not be forgotten – this is important not only for the customers but also for you and your employees. Both the presentation options and also the necessary spaces to deposit and storage goods are concerned. In particular, the flexibility and the possibility to use the good presenters in multiple ways are of great importance for a functional retail design.

Present your goods in an optimal manner. HEIKAUS provides for orientation



for your business

As a shopfitter we have an experienced team of architects, designers and craftsmen.
This guarantees transparency and ensures budget adherence.

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HEIKAUS stages your product!

When it comes to shop design and shopfitting, it is important to consciously use the so-called shopping-active zones of the store. The presentation of goods of your retail design project must be planned accordingly. Certain placements should be reserved for selected products. In some sectors, e.g. drugstores, it is advantageous to divide the product range into different presentation zones.

The most interesting articles, new products and special highlights are displayed at the most present places distinctly and visibly in order to make the customers notice them immediately. Certain product presentations and placements, such as the walls on the right side of the shop, so-called ramps when a customer changes his direction, head ends of good presenters, checkout areas and corridor zonings are areas which are intensively perceived by your customers – and thus ideal for placing special product presentation and highlights. These requirements are integrated with a reliable sense of style by our designers into the interior design and shopfitting concept.

The less frequented shop areas on the contrary, are staged by our shopfitting experts with optical and creative means to attract attention. Often the walls on the left-hand side, entrance areas, aisles in the middle, corners, and staircases require special attention and creativity from the interior fitting specialists and designers. The presentation of goods in these areas should be especially appealing and striking in order to be noticed by the customers.

Setting highlights to attract attention – an essential part of a skilful product presentation!

As an experienced shopfitter, HEIKAUS is familiar with all the requirements of an optimal shop design and an appealing, flexible and functional product presentation. We are your creative partner for planning and interior fitting, in the field of retail design. Together with you we develop innovative design ideas for your shop furnishings. As a result we get a clearly arranged presentation of goods with appealing stagings and highlights for your customers and your success.

Skilful product presentation which stages your products and services in an emotionally affecting way!

Shopfitting concepts for optimal presentation of goods!

Particular floor plans pose special challenges even to our experienced interior design team. However, we see these extraordinary tasks as motivation and incentive to create new ideas and solutions. Because we know that the space of your sales area is very valuable and thus it must be used in a way which generates a maximum effect. An ideal product presentation and an innovative shop design are a guarantee for your good turnover!

It is important that you fully support the concept. No matter what the new retail design concept looks like, it is crucial that you live it and love it – it needs to fit you and your style.

The work flows and the requirements of your goods and services are merged into an individual shop design concept. Together with you our interior design professionals and shop designers develop interior fittings and a retail design which matches your person, your products and the requirements of the premises.

Brilliant solutions for your product presentations!

Light, colours and decorative elements arouse emotions and attract the attention of your customers. Our interior designers take advantage of this knowledge. By using focusing lighting accents and illumination, in combination with appealing colour designs, inspiring decoration ideas and extraordinary presentation of goods, we create attractions and highlights, for each area of your new store. Sometimes alcoves offer the ideal space for comfortable waiting areas, consulting zones or kids’ corner- for the small clients.

Let us create highlights – which attract attention!

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We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. We would be pleased to present you with a non-binding offer and provide you with the appropriate professional advice. Make a choice and make a decision! HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

Presenation of goods for maximum flexibility and optimal perception!

The options you have for the product presentation depend to a great extent on the article itself and the product type. In case of textiles, both hanging and lying product presentation is possible. Innovative folding and hanging techniques are unconventional and create variety in the visual presentation design. Thanks to the variations regarding the presentation of goods and the product carriers we achieve new interesting combinations.

Bring variety and motion into your presentation of goods!

The presentation of eyewear, cosmetics or homewares greatly differ from the recommendations above. These products require a predominantly horizontal or standing product presentation – that is shelves, displays or showcases. Our interior fitting experts and designers know that shelves are to be divided into different shelf-placement categories. The four-quarter zone, also called the stretch zone, begins above 160 centimetres. This zone, is perfect for your signal articles. Your customers discover these items already from afar and then head for them directly.
The three quarters zone of the product presentation can be found at eye level of your customers. It lies at a height between 120 to 160 centimetres. This is a very comfortable height for your customers to grab for products and therefore it is the most attractive as well as the best-selling zone for product presentation.

The so-called two-quarter zone of the store shelves is located at waist level of your customers. This product presentation zone can be found in the height of 80 to 120 centimetres. This level at half-height distance also allows for a comfortable reach for goods. The one-quarter zone as a term in the field of shopfitting is also called the ankle-level. The products are presented in the height of 0 to 80 centimetres. This level of product placement is the most unattractive one from the perspective of shopfitting and interior design. This is why our retail design experts use this level as storage space and for stashing restocking items in their concepts.

Only a grasp to the stock! Optimum presentation of goods and short distances for your shop design!

The HEIKAUS shopfitting and product presentation experts consider this useful information right from the start of the planning process of your new store design. Product presentation – individually adapted to your range of products – designed to be flexible enough to meet the demands of your retail design concept.

Thanks to our thoroughly planned shopfitting concepts your products will be placed at spots where they are highly visible!

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You can rely on the vast experience of our design and crafts team which specialises in turnkey shopfitting. We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. Make a choice and make a decision. HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

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