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HEIKAUS creates a scope for creativity with strategy consulting!

The future of any company depends on its strategy. Idea, vision, planning - HEIKAUS is your strategy consultant in shopfitting!

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Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is the beginning – where should the journey go? Enough time and scope is necessary to develop a harmonious and convincing interior design that is also pleasant for the customer.

Scope for rest, time and ideas. Strategy consulting, discussions and an exchange of experiences. HEIKAUS, as your partner, with experts for shopfitting and architecture, planners and retail design professionals, offers you this scope! Our team takes the time for you and your ideas. For your new concept and your individual retail design project. In the course of the strategy consulting, we ask you questions such as: which hotels do you like to visit, which stores in your own field of business do you especially like – or not like – and which employees do you particularly appreciate. In these strategy consultations and discussions you reveal a lot about yourself. This is very important and THE chance and opportunity for us to get to know you. To find out what you like and wish for your own retail design and your new store construction project. Strategic consulting in detail – because your project should be trendsetting. After all, we are talking about your success and your future.

Create interior design and retail design with persuasive power and personality! Our strategy consulting is convincing!

Step by step, we accompany you and your project with tips, ideas and advice in the course of our extensive strategy consulting. HEIKAUS is an interior design and architecture expert and your holistic, competent strategy consultant for turnkey shopfitting. You decide which support and which services you would like to obtain from us. You will benefit from our broad and wide-ranging experience in the field of architecture and our expertise in strategy consulting and shopfitting.

Our extensive analyses and the resulting strategy consulting are the very beginning of the entire process. In cases where there is no existing store, the most important task is to find the most suitable location for your business and your target group. Not every location or floor plan is suitable for successful interior design solutions and thus for efficient work processes.
It´s up to you! Take advantage of our experience and detailed strategy consulting. Keep in mind that the location study is a crucial factor for your subsequent retail success! We will be happy to help you find the perfect location for your business and the following retail design concept. This is fundamental, the first and also a far-reaching decision which can be made easier by professional strategy consulting.
Benefit from our broad industry knowledge and numerous implemented interior design and architecture projects in the field of retail design.

Experience – makes us your competent strategy consultant!

In the course of the strategy consulting, all details will be worked out and planned together with you in close cooperation and in personal. Information and insights you give us will have influence on your retail design project. Both areas – the architectural building construction including corresponding façade and window design, as well as the interior design with individual room layout – will be turned into a harmonious unit, and matched overall as the successful result of detailed strategy consulting and brainstorming.
In doing so, we will optimally combine the functionality of the product presentation and shopfitting with your product, your service and the statement. All components deserve the same amount of attention, because only a harmonious retail design will reach and delight your customers!

Win back your customers! And win new customers!
Your success is our goal! Professional strategy consulting ensures target achievement!



for your business

As a shopfitter we have an experienced team of architects, designers and craftsmen.
This guarantees transparency and ensures budget adherence.

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The first impression - the first sight - is crucial!

You know how it is. Many of our decisions are made unconsciously. We see, feel, smell or taste something and automatically form an opinion – this process cannot be controlled. But with your innovative retail design you can control the first impression your customer gets of your store. Let your shop design surprise your customers and leave a lasting positive impression on them.

Even small unexpected variations are often enough to attract customers´ attention!

Set a course and make statements that suit you and your vision. Let us create authenticity that inspires you and your customers. Your customers will feel your enthusiasm and thanks to your new motivation you will also appear even more trustworthy and competent. For us, strategic consulting means motivating you to specify your ideas and wishes in order to let them come alive in your own interior concept.

Be courageous and unconventional – through only small deviations from the “norm”. Perhaps it is a movement in the shop window, a perfume in the changing rooms, a change of materials in the floor – just to name a few examples. These key zones within the overall concept of your interior design can be emotive. All human senses are sharpened and constantly perceive what the environment offers.

Appealing retail design captures glances, successful architecture creates an effect, excellent interior design makes you feel good! A matter of feeling – listen to your senses!

Experience has shown that the purchase decision is made within the first few minutes. Not necessarily for a specific product, but for your convincing retail design concept in an appealing atmosphere. In the first few minutes already, your customer decides and knows whether he considers you sympathetic and competent, if the quality offered meets his requirements and if he can trust you.

Benefit from our detailed strategy consulting and let our shopfitting team become your ambassadors!

Set trends and make statements!

It provides guidance and conveys security. Your customers will evaluate and assess you and your services accordingly. The message that you send with your interior design concept and retail design is therefore very important.

Present yourself and your products authentically and individually! Good strategy consulting provides insights and clarity!

With your new architecture and interior design, your retail design and the interior design concept, you will no longer follow trends, you will set new ones. Our strategy consulting will show you: Interior design offers plenty of room for individual design. Receive your customers in a room that  offers experiences and a special feel-good character. Create with great interior design, zones that invite your customers to stay. Present your merchandise clearly and in a structured and neat manner. Your message will be expertise, quality and personal service. Create, together with us, architecture and interior design that inspires your customers and invites them to discover, stay and feel good!

Our strategy consulting provides clarity regarding your ideas and provides a basis for your successful new interior design concept!

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Contact us

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We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. We would be pleased to present you with a non-binding offer and provide you with the appropriate professional advice. Make a choice and make a decision! HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

Strategy consulting with added value - we plan, calculate and coordinate for your success!

We still experience that, especially in the high-end segment, an appealing atmosphere with a lounge character is desired. This can motivate our interior designers and retail planners to create an atmospheric world of colours and materials. Combinations, for example, of cream tones, some muted, earthy colours, broken up by metallic surfaces. Use pure colours to accentuate, maybe pastel shades in chairs, pillows, pictures, carpets or the like. Together we will find your style! Successful interior design as a result of outstanding strategy consulting.

In our concepts we set the course with skilful interior design. We love to break up the design of the walls in order to create space for a single and “standalone” – piece of furniture. Always exciting! And always one of a kind.

We create highlights and eye-catchers for your customers!

This is how you give your customers something that e-commerce cannot offer. For your new retail design concept HEIKAUS develops an interior design with you that reflects your personal philosophy, represents your brand and sets your products as well as your services in a scene attractively and individuallye. All insights that we have filtered and brought to life in joint strategy consultations and discussions with you.

Stand out from the crowd and – with your individual interior design – make your personal statement!

„Good strategy consulting pays off!“

How do you find your own design style, your personal trend? Our interior designers and retail designers are your colour and style consultants! Thanks to sampling as part of the strategy consultations, we find materials, shapes and colours which are perfectly adapted to you, your products and services.

It is important to get as much information as you can. Strategic consulting, discussions and conversations with our experts but also with your employees are helpful in this context. And – have a look at your own industry. Get inspired by the way your competitors present themselves at their points of sale.

In the end it is more important to know what you do NOT want, rather than knowing exactly what you want!

Together with you we select your ideas and impressions. We filter, collect, sketch and finally develop your unique interior design including your individual retail design. That is HEIKAUS – strategy consulting – individual and highly personal!

Our strategy consultants for shopfitting are architects, interior designers and retail designers who are constantly in search of something new. Unusual materials, new production techniques and unusual product presentations, as well as decorative accessories draw the attention and interest of your customers. We make this journey of finding and reinventing your interior design together with you. As your strategy consultant and confidant – your retail designer with plenty of empathy.

This is our business – and our passion! Strategy consulting with expertise!

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You can rely on the vast experience of our design and crafts team which specialises in turnkey shopfitting. We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. Make a choice and make a decision. HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

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