Why is honest feedback from customers so important?

Customers normally gather information about the products which they are planning to buy. They do not want to buy a big in a poke and wish to get good quality in return for their money. Evaluation is common practise when it comes to online trading. Customer feedback can be found for almost any product or service. A suboptimal feedback will have an immense influence on the willingness to buy. Further, a positive feedback may lead to a quicker buying decision.

But how to get honest feedback from customers in traditional retail?

Show your competence and convince the customers with quality. Communicate with your customers and gain their trust. Use the great potential and advantages of the traditional retail – personal service and goods which can be touched and experienced. You have the chance to ask your customers about their satisfaction – and to follow the wishes and suggestions for improvement. Your content customers will be your best advertisement and brand ambassadors.

Our advice: Create trust through personal communication! Advice each customer respectfully, individually and completely honestly. And – little presents keep a friendship alive and are treasured. It is a small effort with a great outcome.