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Colour pixels like the eye

The reception area of the new eye and seeing centre already has a very light and friendly store design. In addition to a comfortable waiting area and central reception counter, the eye of the viewer is captured right away by a graphics wall with indicative keywords covering the entire service range.


The existing rooms of Optometrie Cagnolati were to be converted. A sales room was to be integrated into a service centre centred around seeing.


Cagnolati, specialising in optometrics, is located in an office building. Therefore, the sales room is located on the 3rd floor, which is rather unusual. Therefore, it was important that the plans connected the examination rooms through the presentation areas.

– This store design project is an eye-catcher with great sophistication.


The path to the generous consulting and sales area is accompanied by a wall area with blue and grey pixels – in alignment with the colour pigments of the human eye. The two-dimensional pixel graphic develops into three-dimensional mosaic walls throughout the sales room that serve merchandise presentation.

A straight-lined and simple wall display case provides the first views of the product range. The retail design of the entire sales and consulting area of 200 m² becomes clear in the entrance area already: a continually purist language of forms, white furnishings and walls are accentuated by blue colour segments in various nuances. It is a successful concept!

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