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From the bath house to the fasion store

The fashion brand “Riani” charged HEIKAUS with the store design for its first store in Europe. “Riani” chose a very special location for this: the old, historical and listed bath house in Schorndorf, the home town of the fashion label.


Riani opened the first store and wanted to offer something special to its customers. The task to create a matching and stylish store design while complying with monument protection requirements.


The building monument had to be elaborately restored for the Riani store design before further development could commence.                                                                                    The entire store design had to be adjusted to the situation in the protected building. Thus, the old columns, for example had to be integrated into the concept and large shop windows could not be used.


The rooms are brightly lit and well-structured. The dominant colour is white, so that the collection colours berry and mandarin are at the focus.

Parts of the collection are presented as lying and hanging merchandise alike. In spite of the lack of large shop windows, a view of the stylish and orderly sales rooms is possible. The present antique columns of wood have been appropriately integrated into the shop’s overall appearance and serve as further magnificent eye-catchers in addition to the collection.

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