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The pure art of wellness

Those looking for a perfect outfit for sleeping, going to the beach and wearing at home have been able to find it at the Platzgasse in Ulm since October 2017. Rösch Fashion now presents its homewear and swimming fashion collections in its own store design. The modern and classical appearance skilfully reflects the company’s motto. Customers of the fashion label can find “the pure art of wellness” in a store space of 70 m² with a dedicated cash desk. The special thing is that Rösch presents itself in its own store.


The homewear and swimming fashion manufacturer from Tubingen wanted to increase its brand popularity and sets out with its own store concept. The presentation of its merchandise is the focus ofthis store design. The products were to be optimally presented in a clear space, colour and material concept. Classical and elegant without being bland and conservative, modern and in alignment with the spirit of the time without being too cool and funky … this is how Rösch presented its first dedicated store design.


The small half-timbered house in Ulm demanded increased effort. Fire protection, uneven walls, uneven floors were the problem area to be solved.

Elaborately panelled wall elements were to be one of the distinctive design elements of the new HEIKAUS design concept.


The extravagant interior design in this store development project takes living-room elements and materials that correspond to the product groups. The dark anthracite of the solid wood segments is confronted with concrete plaster areas on the walls and shelf elements as well as delicate metal presentation furniture in a champaign shade.
The cash desk at the front of the store is a perfect eye-catcher.

Clear the stage!

The cash desk of grey Metrotiles tiles is framed by mustard-coloured velvety curtains like a stage. Palm wallpaper add an additional visual accent.
Skilful interior design – refined, modern, extravagant while being pleasantly harmonious, soft and cosy. TheRösch art of wellness!

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