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Interior fitting

The interior fitting of a shop contains a wealth of requirements and services related to the shop furnishings and the corresponding presentation of merchandise. It is important to look at these closely and include them professionally in the new shopfitting concept accordingly. Our design team will determine qith you the exact requirements of your personal interior fitting and shopfitting concept in in-depth strategy consultations.

HEIKAUS makes your business successful!




for your business

As a shopfitter we have an experienced team of architects, designers and craftsmen.
This guarantees transparency and ensures budget adherence.

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Time is money! Optimal planning is a must!

Our 40 years of experience in the field of high-quality interior fitting and innovative shop design shows that our customers are increasingly looking for full service. We have incorporated this holistic approach into our service portfolio and thanks to this full service we stand out as a shop fitting specialist for any event. HEIKAUS’ customers benefit from our interdisciplinary approach! At the beginning, the needs and behaviours of your existing customers are analysed and a detailed profile of your future customers is defined. As a team, we examine your products, skills and services as well as the necessary processes and requirements of the product presentation, shop design and the corresponding room layouts. Our individual strategy consulting includes the concrete determination of demand for your interior fitting concept and your future shop design.

Time management on your behalf!

How long the interior construction phase takes, depends on various factors. First, of course, on the current condition of the shop interior. Which elements of the existing product presentation or current shop furnishings can or should be reused or reprocessed? Once these decisions have been made, dismantling begins. Often you first have a complete overview after disassembling the old inventory and the existing product carriers. After this, you will know the exact scale of the necessary interior work and the required effort regarding the new product presenters and shop fitting components. And means creative as well as functional considerations!

It is advantageous to deal with the use of possible style elements as well as preferred materials and desired presentation of merchandise at an early stage. Evaluate both your current system and the room layout of the existing interior construction. Are the working processes and the ways of handling your products suitable? Or do you recognise a need for optimisation?

Orientation and overview!

Often it is helpful to carry out a so-called store check. Take a look around and examine other shop designs and shopfitting concepts. Also in completely different lines of business. Surprise your customers with a presentation of merchandise within a framework of a shop design that is non-typical for your products. The more concrete your concept is at the beginning, the easier and faster we will find, together with you, ideas and solutions to optimise your interior fitting concept, your individual business concept.

We are your reliable general contractor – with a focus on your success.

Rely on HEIKAUS! Your expert in interior fitting!

Your interior fitting expert with empathy!

Our working method is based on listening carefully, understanding each other and analysing together, all with great empathy and team spirit. You will quickly recognise how complex an interior construction project is and how many trades each project contains, regardless of the size of the shop area. This is true for both types of construction projects – new shop concepts and reconstruction – and within the field of architecture it includes the concrete planning of the interior fittings and design as well as the presentation of merchandise. A detailed and correct determination of requirements, an economic calculation and an optimal coordination of interfaces and essential prearrangements are crucial for a great result.

We focus on your benefits and keep an eye on the costs

“Return on investment” – is the economic aspect we always keep in mind when planning and processing your construction project and the related services. The coordination of the craftsmen and their work is a crucial time and cost factor. Each craftsman requires both an appropriate space and a reasonable timeframe to carry out the trade-related work on schedule and within the determined budget. Meeting deadlines is just as important as adherence to the budget and meeting quality demands. You may rest assured that we will place the most professional, teams of craftsmen at your disposal, both in the area of shopfitting as well as for architectural measures regarding the facade and the shop window. Established carpenters and interior fitters manufacture product presenters and furniture for your business.

Our partners deliver best quality and proven functionality!

Balanced "cost-benefit-ratio"!

It is recommendable to assign the overall coordination and thus the responsibility for the interior fitting and shopfitting services to an expert. From the planning up to the execution of all work. Hence, you can feel confident and you automatically have more time for other things and tasks related to the opening of your new store.

The planning of your project often starts one step earlier – with the decision for the suitable property, in terms of location, the appropriate room layout and the existing building structure. Already at this early stage you can rely on the vast experience of the interior designers and shopfitting experts of the HEIKAUS team.

A convincing shopfitting or interior fitting concept will only become a successful retail concept if all conditions and circumstances are considered and assessed. In order for your business to prosper, it is important to find and work with the right partner, not only in terms of interior fittings and presentation of merchandise.  You also need a reliable and experienced expert for all necessary trades. Make use of the advice of our interior designers and interior fitting planners at an early stage – they are experts in shopfitting and creative in the conception of product presentations and successful retail concepts. We are pleased to advise you – competently and objectively. We are your reliable partner in terms of interior fitting!

HEIKAUS balances – to your satisfaction.

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We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. We would be pleased to present you with a non-binding offer and provide you with the appropriate professional advice. Make a choice and make a decision! HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

Multimedia - do your customers want it?

When considering the usage of multimedia-based gadgets in your shopfitting and interior design concept, you need to take into account the demands and requirements you and your customers have. How do you assess your customers’ desire for these technical tools? What are you looking for and what are you willing and able to offer ? Remember, that you also have to be able to “afford” the multimedia-based offers.

Professionalism is the basic requirement for the use of such tools in retail business. This raises the important question: who supplies and maintains the content? HEIKAUS weigh the costs and the benefits with you and evaluates the profitability of your shopfitting project. We scrutinise in advance whether the use of such media really creates perceivable added value for customers. In the end, the success and efficiency of an interior design depends on your good service, your competence and the quality and style of your products. Create desire through personality – through conviction and enthusiasm for your interior construction project, an individual presentation of merchandise and high-quality interior fitting.

Let us inspire and gain new and “old” customers!

Straddle between lifestyle and technology!

HEIKAUS is known for its emotional, lifestyle-based interior design concepts and high-quality and functional shopfitting. We are familiar with the industry-specific, technical requirements related to the optimal presentation of merchandise. However, technology plays an important role in the planning of future-oriented interior designs and shopfitting concepts in certain sectors. For sure, digital equipment in interior design concepts is not only a gadget, but also technically meaningful and possibly even necessary.

On the one hand, this concerns space-consuming examination areas and equipment such as refraction rooms. But it is also necessary to be able to charmingly integrate networks of branches, cashier systems, computer workstations or an in-store order system into the interior design and the shopfitting components.

Take advantage of the experience of our planners and shop designers.

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You can rely on the vast experience of our design and crafts team which specialises in turnkey shopfitting. We take the time to get to know you and understand your vision and your goals. Make a choice and make a decision. HEIKAUS will guide you on your way to your goal!

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