Packaging turns into an experience!

How important are customised gift packaging, bags and gift cards in
retail?… passion must be visible there as well! Packaging has a very special attraction. It is the last “barrier” to be overcome before the gift experience. And …the eye wants to enjoy it as well. Packaging is part of the gift already inside.

It adds a special value to the situation, the moment and the content. Who isn’t familiar with the effect? The packaging is so attractive and elaborate you don’t even want to open it. Treat your customers to this special service. Create attractive gift packaging that inspires.

Find packaging elements that can be reused, that will leave a lasting impression and that will be fondly remembered. Paper, boxes, silk ribbons, and carrying bags are foremost among these! You could also add something more …enclose a “thank you gift card” with the packaging. It’s a direct incentive to take a closer look. Where is this gift from and what surprise will be waiting for me when I visit the store?

Create added value and demand! The overall package is what counts!